Ann Poonkasem

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Ann Poonkasem
Background information

Ann Poonkasem is a professional singer, model, and television host.

In 2004, an acoustic cover of her song "Invincible" was streamed on Rivers Cuomo's Myspace page alongside covers of "Annie's Song" by John Denver and "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. The fact that the songs were all somehow connected to the name Ann led to much confusion among Weezer fans. In a blog post titled A Mad and Furious Master, posted later that year on Cuomo's Myspace page, Cuomo wrote:

I quickly found someone that seemed like wife-material. She was beautiful, talented, and appeared to have the same values as me. I wrote many messages to her trying to get her attention but she didn’t respond. This, of course, made me even crazier for her, so I started uploading songs that I had recorded for her. Even after radio stations started downloading the songs and playing them on the air, she still wasn’t impressed.

For this reason, it is speculated (though not confirmed) that Poonkasem was the woman referred to. Following the writing of the blog post, Poonkasem remained one of Cuomo's friends on Myspace and occasionally posted comments on his personal profile.