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Interviews have been conducted, suggestions will no longer be accepted. Thanks to all those who participated.

Attention! Weezerpedia co-founders Megasnorkel (admin) and Ohjonas (admin) will be conducting interviews with Weezer guru Karl Koch in the coming weeks. We need your help and we need it fast!!! What do you want to know!? What song do you want to hear a story about?! Which album process would you like to know more about!?

Please submit any questions you have on this page by creating a new sub headline with your question's general idea.
Ex: ===Album 6 Recording===
Then, in the body, please write out your question:
Ex: are you glad you weren't present for the album recording because of the insight you had hearing the album for the first time? Do you want to be present for the album 7 recording?
Please submit all questions below.



Do the guys have a lot of fun doing the hoots? What was their best experience?


Was there a longer version of Dreamin'? In the Alone book Rivers labels it as a 6 or 7 minute song I believe. Any chance of us getting our hands on a copy of it?

-Justin Starbuck

Side Projects

Do you have an Aprox. (season/year) of when The Special Goodness, The Relationship, or even The Rentals will release their new albums? -Tyler Scruggs

Recent Covers

How is the band picking their new Covers? Is it random? Do they plan to take it further? -Tyler Scruggs

Odds and Ends

What's the story on the "Odds and Ends" compilation thingy that we were told about? Is it going to see release? Is it full-band demos, Rivers demos, or a combination of the both? Thanks for answering.
-Jason Boxer

"Devastating" and "Sassmaster"

What exactly do Scott and Brian think of us calling them devastating and sassy?
-Jason Boxer

Rivers' Multimedia project

What is the current progress on that? - Bradford S.

Rivers' Alone Sequels

Have they actually been approved by Geffen/Interscope/Whatever they're called now, or just Rivers planning it out? - Andrew S.

Album Seven

Have you heard any of the stuff being considered for A7, or otherwise know what the general breakdown of percentages of the album for Rivers' songs and those of the other band members? Are they actually writing together, or is it more strictly solo writing? - Jakob Dorof

Heart Songs vinyl

Before the 2nd encore of the recent tour, you've been coming out to set up a record player playing "Heart Songs." Then Rivers comes out and violently kicks it offstage. Is this making a statement — i.e., has the band soured on "Heart Songs" - or should it not be read into? A lot of folks in the audience took that as a condemnation of the song. - Jakob Dorof

TRA Outtakes

A recent interview with Rivers states there were 16 songs attempted for the album. 10 for the standard, 4 extra for the deluxe...what were the other two? - Jakob Dorof

Band On Tour

We've heard of the band keeping themselves occupied on tour in the past by playing Sega Genesis, but what do you and the band do nowadays to keep busy? - Nick H.

Unreleased Weezer

In your opinion, what is the best Weezer song that has never been heard by the fans? - Nick H.

Stoke Factor

What are you and the guys listening to right now on tour other than Weezer?

-Justin Cates

International Touring

I presumed that there was no European/UK & Ireland touring for The Red Album because the band were looking to record again soon but do you think that there will be a chance of 'overseas' touring in support of Album 7? Or are the guys (namely Rivers and Pat) looking to settle down with their families and cut down on touring altogether?

- R. Dale

Hear You Me

Do you know if the Jimmy Eat World song "Hear You Me," has anything to do with the corresponding lyric in Mykel and Carli? -Andrew S.

Yes it does --ohjonas (admin) 02:59, 5 October 2008 (UTC)


Are there any definite directions or plans for Album 7 or even beyond that point? -Andrew S.