interview with Scott Shriner - September 2002

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Shriner’s got a lot to celebrate. As the newest member of alt-rock darlings Weezer, he got the gig on a referral from a friend in Los Angeles — joining prior to the release of their latest CD, Maladroit (Interscope). “They were just having me fill in and then, blammo! They said, ‘You are our guy for the next tour. But they said maybe they’d want to audition about 20 people or so. So basically, I played my ass off to the point where they didn’t want to audition anyone else. I wasn’t going to lose that gig, and it’s just gotten better and better since.”

Basses: An all-original (except for a refret job) 1960 Fender Precision. It has a Rosewood fretboard and the two-tone tobacco finish is almost all worn off. That bass sat on a stand at someone's beach house for years and the pickup poles are all rusted. I have never heard another bass that has as much natural warm tone as that one.

My second bass is a 1963 of the same originality, and I am its third owner. It’s Sunburst with a Rosewood fingerboard and a nice wide and straight neck. The ‘63 has more bite, and I usually use it with a pick for a more aggressive sound. Bass three, and the newest in the family, is a ‘68 P with a Jazz pickup added in. It’s unbelievable, and has a Rosewood neck and very worn finish. It’s lot brighter than the other two and I am getting used to this bass while finding its place in my style.

Bass heroes: John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, and Stanley Clark.

Quintessential bass riff: “Led Zeppelin’s ‘Good Times, Bad Times‘ is a classic. That song has walking parts that feel amazing and rocks like few do.”