Can't Justify

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"Can't Justify"
Demo by Melvin Jones Total Soul Attack Orchestra
Released 2002
Recorded March 16, 1998
Writer(s) Pat Finn, Brendan Finn, Karl Koch
Status officially released

"Can't Justify" is a demo by the Melvin Jones Total Soul Attack Orchestra, a musical trio containing Karl Koch, Pat Finn, and Finn's little brother Brendan.


According to the demo's filename (19980316MelvinJonesTotalSoulAttackOrch-CantJustify.mp3),[1] it was recorded on March 16, 1998. Pat Finn performs lead guitar and bass, his brother Brendan provides semi-improvised vocals (described as being "smooth as butter"[2]), and some samples are included, cut by Karl Koch. The song specifically samples drums from music by Jimi Hendrix, as well as vocals from the comedian Robin Williams and the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes". It was recorded in a studio belonging to Pat Finn's step-grandfather, located east of Sacramento, California.

The demo was shared on the website of Pat and Koch's record label, Amorphous Records, in 2002.[1] It is the only song by the trio to be publicly released, though other demos were recorded.


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