East Coast vs. West Coast

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"East Coast or West Coast"
Demo by Weezer
Format MP3
Length 4:13
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Producer Weezer
Status Demo circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# ???)
"East Coast vs. West Coast"
(RC# ???)
(RC# ???)

"East Coast or West Coast" (also known as "East Coast vs. West Coast") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in 2006.


Originally in contention for release on Weezer's 2008 self-titled album, "East Coast or West Coast" was reportedly also in contention for release on their 2014 album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. However, the song failed to make the cut for either. As Cuomo explained in a 2006 interview:

"When I was in [a 2006] meditation course, I was obsessing about “Where do I want to live—East Coast or West Coast?” And so many thoughts would come up about either coast, and I said, “Hey, I should write a song about that.” So, what it’s gonna be, is I’m gonna be in the center speaker, wondering what I should do. Then, Brian’s gonna be in the left speaker, arguing on behalf of the West Coast, and Scott will be on the right, arguing on behalf of the East Coast. And we’ll all just be singing and rapping to each other."

In the song, it isn't made clear which coast wins, however, Cuomo mentions that the West Coast won in real life.

Though unheard by fans for many years after its existence became known, various low resolution clips of the song were played in a Tinychat on November 19, 2017. Two days later, a 2007 demo of the song (albeit with an overdub featuring Pat Wilson on drums from 2012, plus an entirely new bridge from the same year) surfaced, along with demos of the unreleased songs "Call the Police", "Caveman", and "El Presidente".

Several recordings of this song from the EWBAITE-era were included on the compilation Alone XI: The EWBAITE Years in 2020, though many of the versions were removed shortly thereafter (due to featuring members of the band other than Cuomo). Some of these demos interpolate the chorus of the demo "Up in the Clouds" into the chorus of "East Coast or West Coast".



I finally found a girl to love
It's time for me to settle down
The trouble is that I can't decide
Where to spend the rest of my life
At first I thought I wanted to be
One more east coast family
But now I'm not so sure anymore
Which coast I love more,

East coast or west coast?

The east is where your family is
It's where you grew up
Where you raise you kids
The west is where you paid your dues
Made your name and had your breakthroughs

The east has a more intellectual bent
The west has winners bound for success
I know that's stale but I can't decide
Where I want to reside

East coast or west coast?

I'm so sick of moving around
Once and for all I wanna settle down
Moved so much when I was a kid
Always trying to make new friends

If it's roots that you want, come on
The west is where you lived for so long
It's got your bros and your doctors too
The hairstylist that perfected your 'do
No, that ain't nothing that you should mind
Think of the ironwood trees that you climbed
When you were a kid and the seasons would change
It just ain't right when they stay the same

East coast or west coast?

Think of the times that you had in the west
The chicks that randomly showed you their breasts
When you walked in the streets in the city at night
Looking for someone to make you feel (alright)
Think of your mom and think of your dad
Don't you think you oughta' pay them back?
And help them find their happiness
And they can help with the kids

East coast or west coast?

How could you raise your kids in the east?
Don't you remember how you would weep?
And the backwards, bigoted, bully creeps
You should find some alternative beat
If alternative means don't serve produce
Then, by all means, go ahead and move
But how sad it would've been if you'd blown your youth
trying to outdo the cool

East coast or west coast?

Now hold on, guys, let's give it a rest
I like both coasts, the east and the west
I'll have to think on this for a while
And ask myself with smile:

East coast or west coast?
(Where can I do my best?)
East coast or west coast?
(Where can I give my best?)

I think you know where you wanna live, bro
Aw, shut... the... shut up

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