Emopop.com interview with Pat Wilson - February 22, 2001

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Aerial Theater - Houston, Texas

emopop (Courtney): You were on Jay Leno right?

Pat: I'm sorry?

emopop (Courtney): You were on Jay Leno.

Pat: I was on Jay Leno.

emopop (Courtney): What was that like?

Pat: It was insane. Out of nowhere, I was sitting at this place in L.A. called the Oakwood. It's like a corporate housing, and I look through my keyhole, the little eyehole, and it was Jay Leno's face. He opens the door, and the next thing I know I'm in an Elvis suit and it was the most bizarre thing ever.

emopop (Courtney): Did you play guitar there?

Pat: A little.

emopop (Courtney): Do you play guitar on the side in other bands?

Pat: I have my own band, The Special Goodness. But I don't think I'm gonna play guitar in that band anymore.

emopop (Courtney): Are you gonna put anything out with the Special Goodness?

Pat: I just finished up a ten song recording. I'm gonna offer it for sale on my website, www.thespecialgoodness.com.

emopop (Courtney): The Deftones tour, last I heard, Weezer was rumored to be on that, is that true?

Pat: I don't understand where that comes from. Like, I'll look at the newsgroup and be like, "Everybody thinks we're playing with the Deftones." But as far as I know, there was no plan ever to play with the Deftones. Especially because they'd probably just insist on playing "Say It Ain't So" every night and we'd be bummed about it because then we'd play it too.

emopop (Eric): Do you like the fact that they'd play it?

Pat: It's just weird because we played a radio show in L.A. for KROQ and they played it right before we went on. It's like, "We're gonna play it, come on."

emopop (Courtney): Did you play "Say It Ain't So" anyway?

Pat: Yeah. It was weird.

emopop (Courtney): This new record, what's the deal with the record company, like what was that like when they said they were gonna push the release date back?

Pat: As far as I know, there was no release date. As far as I know, it's early March.

emopop (Courtney): I heard it was supposed to come out in April.

Pat: I read that too and I'm like, where are these people figuring this stuff out?

emopop (Eric): It was Karl.

Pat: Did Karl say something?

emopop (Eric): He said it on weezer.net.

Pat: Well, maybe he's right then, and I'm wrong. He hangs out with Rivers a lot more than I do, so he would probably know.

emopop (Courtney): Have you guys come up with a title yet?

Pat: I don't think there's a title. My vote for a title is The Champions of All Time, but I don't think it fits so I don't think we are going to use it.

emopop (Eric): So what was that you were saying that Karl hangs out with Rivers a lot more than you do? I was wondering the situation there between the band and relationships with each other?

Pat: Strictly business.

emopop (Eric): Really?

Pat: I would say so. In a good way. In a good business way.

emopop (Courtney): What was it like a couple of years ago when Rivers and you guys weren't really talking to each other..?

Pat: Uhm, It was weird. You know, I mean, it was only because Rivers didn't have any songs he wanted to play. Whenever he has songs he wants to play, then we all get together and play them.

emopop (Courtney): I heard that like Mikey gave some bass riffs to Rivers and he didn't really like them.

Pat: Uh, I don't really know anything about that, but it sounds right.

emopop (Courtney): On this new CD that's coming out, on your record contract with Geffen it says that you have to do a third CD. Is that what motivated you to get back together and make this new CD?

Pat: Well they picked up our option which means like "We want you to make one more record." And that was going on at the time when all those crazy mergers were happening and everything. But we were glad that they wanted us to make another record.

emopop (Courtney): Well that's all, thanks for the interview.

Pat: No prob.