Fall Together

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"Fall Together"
Fall Together cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Maladroit
Released May 14, 2002
Recorded December 2001-January 2002 at Cello Studios, Los Angeles
Length 2:01
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 646
COR# 320
Producer Weezer
Status Released
Professional reviews
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"B) Alt Riff"
(RC# 645)
"Fall Together"
(RC# 646)
(RC# 647)
Maladroit track listing
"Fall Together"

"Fall Together" is the tenth track on Maladroit.



"Possibilities" was written in August of 2001, according to the Catalog O' Riffs, where it is also listed under the alternate title "Alt riff". It is first known to have been demoed as a band during recording sessions at Sage and Sound Studios in Hollywood on August 29, 2001 [1]. The song was performed at shows beginning in December of 2001 and throughout the months leading up to and following the release of Maladroit in May of 2002.

During 2005 shows, Scott Shriner would sing the lead vocal instead of Rivers Cuomo.

In an interview from 2002, Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson cited "Fall Together" as his favorite song from Maladroit. When looking back on Maladroit in an article for Alternative Press in 2005, guitarist Brian Bell expressed affection for the song, despite calling it by the wrong name:

"I do have moments I love on [Maladroit], like 'Falling For You,'" he begins, "Really powerful--the band's tight, and we're playing riffs. It would have been an album of that. Instead, I'm a bit confused when I hear it... I like some of the material on it, but the sound of it doesn't do much for me."


Video Capture Device clip

Spanish dressing room... acoustic jambin'... vibin on "Fall Together"... Heeyow!
-Karl Koch on a clip of "Fall Together" being rehearsed, from the liner notes for Video Capture Device


Weezer Songblog Teenage Victory Songs marked this song with the distinction of "The Grand Playlist," a collection that recognizes Weezer's just-below-best material.


Album version

Maladroit sessions

Hyper-Extended Midget Tour


We go together, baby
And if you do
I'll be your weakness, baby
And get to you

Fall together
Get up

Any time you want me, baby
I'll be around
And that's what they'll teach you, baby
To dig my sound

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Alternate verse (live, 2001)

We go together, baby
And if you like
I'll be your weakness, baby
And get you high

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