Fates Warning

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Fates Warning
Fates Warning.jpg
Fates Warning promo photo
Background information
Origin Hartford, CT
Years active 1982 − present
Genre(s) Progressive metal
Label(s) Metal Blade (1982-present)
Website fateswarning.com
Current Members
Jim Matheos
Frank Aresti
Ray Alder
Joey Vera
Bobby Jarzombek
Former Members
Victor Arduini
John Arch
Joe DiBiase
Steve Zimmerman
Chris Cronk
Mark Zonder

Fates Warning is a progressive heavy metal (or 'prog-metal') band from Connecticut. Along with Queensryche and Dream Theater, they are considered originators of the movement.

The band was a big influence on Avant Garde, an early band of Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo, also a Connecticut native, has mentioned Fates Warning in a 1995 interview for Guitar World magazine, revealing he once took guitar lessons from lead guitarist Jim Matheos.

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