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Frank Cuomo
Frank & Rivers Cuomo
Background information
Birth name Frank Anthony Cuomo
Born 1946
Years active 1971-2002
Instrument(s) drums

Frank Anthony Cuomo (born 1946)[1] is the father of Rivers Cuomo and Leaves Cuomo. He was formerly married to Beverly Shoenberger.


Frank Cuomo
He is the son of Denisse Ann (née Tomasso) and Anthony Ralph Cuomo, both immigrants from Italy. Prior to the birth of Rivers, Frank Cuomo had at least two children previously, Brian and Lisa.

Cuomo was a soccer fan, missing the birth of his son Rivers because he was at home watching the World Cup on television. According to Frank, Rivers was named after the three stars of the 1970 World Cup: Rivelino (Brazil), Riva (Italy) and Rivera (Italy). Frank Cuomo was a drummer in New York during the '60s. He played in the band the Weather Report prior to the release of the band's debut album. He also was the percussionist for Odyssey of Iska, a 1970 Blue Note Record released by saxophonist Wayne Shorter.[2] The album was recorded on August 26, just over two months after Rivers' birth.

In addition to being a drummer, Cuomo was once a practicing Buddhist at the Zen Center in upstate New York. There, Cuomo worked as a cow farmer until he divorced Beverly in 1975. Following the divorce, Cuomo was largely absent from the lives of his sons Leaves and Rivers. Cuomo moved to Germany where he subsequently became a Suffragan Bishop in Wiesbaden. This event is alluded to during the bridge to the Weezer song "Say It Ain't So." He has since worked as a minister in Los Angeles.

Frank Cuomo is also the father of Rivers' and Leaves' half brother Gabriel who was born in 1984 and became a semi-professional soccer player in Germany. He also has a son named Shannon and a daughter named Gina.

Frank Cuomo joined Weezer on stage during a concert at Burgerama in Santa Ana, California in 2015. In 2018, Frank Cuomo was assaulted and lost the ability to eat solid food, suffering significant weight-loss and cognitive decline.[3]

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