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Gary Numan began recording and writing in 1977 and still records, writes, and performs to this day.

Gary Numan was an influence on Weezer, mostly Matt Sharp. Although Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Patrick Wilson, and Scott Shriner are fans of his work as well.

Gary Numan was the main influence on Matt Sharp's side project The Rentals and it's even been said that the artists Gary Numan, The Cars, and Devo were the main influence in Weezer's Moog Synthesizer use.

In 1992 Weezer played a show where they covered the Gary Numan song M.E. which Patrick Wilson sang.

In The Rentals' song "Sweetness and Tenderness", Matt Sharp sings:

"I guess it's real simple
It's just like when Gary Numan says
You're just a viewer, cold and distant
You are just business, you're worthless".

In 1997 Matt Sharp and Damon Albarn released a cover of the Gary Numan song We Have a Technical.

In 2008 as a B-Side to Pork and Beans was a cover of the Gary Numan song Are 'Friends' Electric? featuring vocals by Brian Bell.