Hello, Concubine

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"Hello, Concubine"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
This song is part of the "Basketball" lineage of songs

"Hello, Concubine" (possibly alternately titled "Scrooge & the Concubine") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo.[1]


Handwritten lyrics for "Hello, Concubine" appear in Cuomo's book, The Pinkerton Diaries, dated December 24, 1995. The song is not known to have been demoed, and is not listed in the any known version of the Catalog O' Riffs.

Rivers Cuomo asked if users of his chat website, Riverchat, were aware of the song on February 26, 2021. He confirmed that "Hello, Concubine" was written about the same girl as "Tragic Girl".

Rivers: Sadly those are not chords. I think it's coming back to me though.

Rivers: How cool. I feel like we're cloning an extinct species.

Rivers: This song hasn't been heard in 25 years.

Rivers: Haha i'm so happy I remembered how this goes.

Evangeline: When it came out I listened to it on repeat for weeks. Maybe months. The missing song.
Tragic. ? [Girl]
(I can say it in a sentence, only at the beginning)

Rivers: This one's about the same girl.

Rivers: Tiffany, looks like I was considering 2 titles 'hello, concubine' and 'scrooge and the concubine'.

Cuomo later stated that he'd play "Hello, Concubine" on the one-year anniversary of Riverchat if the song was not used for SZNS. On May 26, when a fan mentioned the song,[2] Cuomo replied by stating that the verse was being used for the potential SZNS song "Basketball."[3]


Lyrics for "Hello, Concubine"

Come deep inside girl
Get out the weather
I'll hold you in the light
For to see you a little better
Breathing deep inside ya
On my knees behind ya
Girl you know I love your v-
-oluptuous eyes
With the arches high
Lips o' flaming red
The inscrutable smile
Pulsing all around me
On your back below me
Girl I know you love my e-
-nough! I'm cloying.
Stop me if I'm boring you, I'm sorry
Please just give me one more "scr-
-ooge" is what you call me
Heart of ice and snow
With a kiss you melt me
And my passion flows
Flowing up inside you
Shooting up in rivlets
Girl, I want to give you a child

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