Historic event: 05/25/1992

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first official demo tape recorded

...All the while, the band had been making demo recordings and would continue to do so. These were everything from full band rehearsal tapes to collaborative multitrack demos to demos done by just one bandmember, getting a new song down to show the rest of the guys. [Extensive info on these recordings is found in the Recording History section.]

However, there sometimes arose a need to get a "real" demo recorded, with the whole band playing together, recorded as best as possible, in order to have a tape the band could use to further its goals. This recording session was the band's first attempt to get such a tape made. It was recorded at their practice space, "the garage" at 2226 Amherst Ave in West L.A.. The idea was to give copies to various club owners around L.A. to try and impress them into letting weezer play at places it never got in the door before.

This tape did help the band somewhat, but it was considered problematic from the get go and a better demo or even an independent album was slated to be recorded as soon as possible.

The few copies that were made were recorded on whatever blank cassettes were lying around, so there is no definitive 'look' for this demo tape. Possibly 10 copies were dubbed.

"official" weezer Demo #1
theif, youve taken all that was me
lets sew our pants together
the world has turned and left me here

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