Historic event: 08/11/1993

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More preparatory work in the S.I.R. rehearsal studio. On this day Ric Ocasek brought in his massive Akai 12 track recorder and the band recorded demos of all the potential songs for the album. Chris Shaw, the Blue Album engineer, was on hand to engineer this session.

demo tracklist:

no one else
the world has turned and left me here
my name is jonas
surf wax america
say it aint so
lullaby for wayne (would not make the cut)
undone the sweater song
mykel and carli (would go on to be attempted for the blue album)
only in dreams
buddy holly
in the garage
getting up and leaving (would not make the cut)
i swear its true (would not make the cut)
in the garage(reprise) (kind of a weird mellow vocal harmony thing)

The blue album deluxe edition disc 2 features "lullabye for wayne" and "i swear its true" from this demo. "Jamie" was not attempted as it was decided they already had a decent recording of it from L.M.U. sessions of 4/93, and they were unsure if it should be tried for the album.

...stock photo of the beastly Akai 12 track, which recorded on beta video style tapes...
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