Huge Guy

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Huge Guy
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1995 - 1995
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Former Members
Patrick Wilson

Huge Guy is the name used by Pat Wilson for a series of demos he made in 1995.


After the Suburban Advantage demos, Wilson continued to write songs. In between the various Weezer sessions that yielded Pinkerton, Wilson became restless and began to make recordings of songs he'd written. Most of the songs were early incarnations of eventual Special Goodness songs, and these sessions evolved directly into the early 1996 recording of the first Special Goodness album.

First demo: August-September 1995

Second demo: acoustic October 1995

Third demo: November 1995

  • "Congratulations"
  • "Pardon Me"
  • "Fatigue"
  • "I'd Like To Know.." (awesome keyboard/bass lines)
  • "Pulling Teeth" (later known as "Pay No Mind")
  • "I Believe In You" (later known as "I'm With You Sister")
  • "Conquistadors Of Nothing"
  • "Boy Am I Lucky" ("A Fortunate Mistake")

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