Hyperfocus Wild

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"Hyperfocus Wild"
Song by Jason Cropper
Writer(s) Jason Cropper

"Hyperfocus Wild" is a song written by Jason Cropper.


On May 21, 2020, Cropper performed the song in full during a "Golden Hour" stream for his Facebook and Instagram followers. Cropper stated that the song was about his stepson who was diagnosed with a condition (implied to be ADHD) but refused to "break [his] spirit" with prescription drugs.


Well, it turns out you're gifted and talented, to boot
And with a little help and love, you won't be destitute
We gave you a little education, help you grow up and find your station
Because all good children learn to contribute

But you're a scattered flurry of leaves every autumn dawn
You got the doctor's little pills; what could go wrong?
They said that you were bright, but hopeless
All the brains, but lacked the focus
Failing forward, you'll have to carry on

Because you're ADHD hyperfocus wild
Running just to catch up all the while
You found your passion, it ain't right
Changing your whole world overnight
Just be you, love that inner child

Don't fit in with the scholars or the brains
So gosh-darn creative it's insane
Spent your teens and twenties getting wasted
All grown-up and you just spaced it
No one wants to talk about the pain

Of being ADHD hyperfocus wild
Freedom in your heart charms and beguiles
You got a gift deep in your soul
Creative in a world gone cold
Just be you, love that inner child

Well, it turns out your curse is secretly a gift
And just do your passion, you'll know it'll fit
You could heal the world with your art
All you gotta do is start
Don't ever give up chasing your bliss

Because you're ADHD hyperfocus wild
Running way out front; you got great style
Found your passion, you know it's right
Make the whole world beautiful overnight
And I'm distracted by your beautiful style

I wish I was ADHD hyperfocus wild
You're gonna finish what you started on your own time
You gotta gift deep in your soul
Young at heart in a world gone old
And I'm distracted by your beautiful style
ADHD hyperfocus wild

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