Josh Alexander

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Josh Alexander
Background information
Birth name Joshua Alexander Berman
Born [date?]
Instrument(s) piano

Josh Alexander is a songwriter, pianist, and producer best known for his collaborations with songwriter/producer Billy Steinberg. Their work includes songs for Demi Lovato ("Give Your Heart a Break"), JoJo ("Too Little Too Late"), Nicole Scherzinger ("Don't Hold Your Breath") and t.A.T.u ("All About Us"). He is a friend of Rivers Cuomo and has co-written several Weezer songs. In a 2017 interview with NPR, Rivers called him a "great melody guy and great pianist".

Songs co-written by Josh Alexander and Rivers Cuomo

Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Pacific Daydream

Weezer (The Black Album)

Van Weezer

スコット と リバース (Scott & Rivers)


Alone XI: The EWBAITE Years



*also produced