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Juliana Hatfield
Juliana Hatfield.jpg
Photo by Raph_PH
Background information
Born July 27, 1967 (age 55)
Origin Wiscasset, Maine
Years active 1986 - present
Label(s) Mammoth, Zoë Records, Ye Olde, American Laundromat Records
Website Official website
Associated acts
Blake Babies
Some Girls
Evan Dando
The Lemonheads
Minor Alps
The I Don't Cares

Juliana Hatfield is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and occasional actor. A member of Blake Babies, The Lemonheads, and Some Girls, among others, Hatfield has appeared on nine albums as a member of other bands and released 16 solo records under her own name. 1997's Please Do Not Disturb, 1998's Bed, and 2000's Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure featured former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh, who was also a member of Hatfield's touring band.

Hatfield has performed multiple covers of Weezer songs in concert, including "Say It Ain't So" (in 1995[1]) and "Slave."[date?][2]


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As a solo artist

Studio albums

  • Hey Babe (1992)
  • Become What You Are (1993)
  • Only Everything (1995)
  • Bed (1998)
  • Beautiful Creature (2000)
  • Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure (2000)
  • In Exile Deo (2004)
  • Made in China (2005)
  • How to Walk Away (2008)
  • Peace & Love (2010)
  • There's Always Another Girl (2011)
  • Juliana Hatfield (2012)
  • Wild Animals (2013)
  • Whatever, My Love (2015)
  • Pussycat (2017)
  • Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John (2018)
  • Weird (2019)
  • Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police (2019)
  • Blood (2021)


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