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Julie Kramer is a photographer and disc jockey. She formerly worked as a photographer, music director, and disc jockey for the Boston-based alternative music station WFNX in Boston.[1]

Photos of Rivers Cuomo

Kramer told BDCwire in 2014:[2]

“We used to hang out. Rivers was a big ‘FNX fan. We would just do really creative things. I was into photography. When ‘Pinkerton’ came out, when they released ‘Pink Triangle’ as a single, he wanted the single photo to be of him in drag. So we would dress him up in lingerie and wigs. We had a ball. He brought the photos to the record company, but they wouldn’t do it. It’s funny, I gave him copies of all the photos and years later someone in his camp reached out to me and said, “We wanna use those photos you have of Rivers for his solo album” or whatever. But the funny thing was he saved them all! I was like, ‘oh man do I have track down all these photos, go through these negatives?’ but he had saved them all! We used to have a lot of fun just being really silly.”

—Julie Kramer, [2]

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