Karl's Corner - 01/09/2004

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01/09/04 good morning starshine

happy new year! today (friday), weezer reconvened in L.A. to begin a set of rehearsal/preproduction days, in order to prepare another batch of songs for the recording studio. These preproduction sessions will likely extend thru much of January, beyond which a return to the studio (recording phase 2) is expected.

The band have already laid down a healthy number of tracks back in December (though they have not gone in for overdubs or 'polishing' on them yet), so with this new set there will be quite a few songs on the 'bargaining table' for album 5. Happily, between Rick Rubin and Weezer, quality control standards are at an all time high. The large number of songs in the running is not unusual - Rubin routinely asks the bands he works with to record quite a few tracks, later culling the herd down to an album.

the rough word on the DVD and Blue Album deluxe editon is "early Spring, or, Spring". It appears that there is at last light at the end of the tunnel...

meanwhile, what must be the first weezer book is hitting print. This is an unauthorized biography by Rolling Stone writer John Luerssen that looks to be heavily researched, but was not supported by the band nor the bands circle of friends and contacts. It is unknown what exactly this book will be like, (aside from a unfortunate title and equally unfortunate photoshop work on the cover) as no current band members were interviewed for it. However, it is likely to include a concise history of the band culled from available data, and it claims to include exclusive material. So there ya go...first book about weezer (due May '04).

...London, UK fan alert: a London fan writes: "We need help spreading the word: There's gonna be a weezer meetup for active London fans, at some pub in central London. It's scheduled for the 17th of January." See the meetup site for details and to sign up. (at some point, a group of fans started "International Weezer Meetup Day", and decided it would be on Jan 17th of every year. There may be other meetings scheduled closer to you - the site has the info) To contact the London fan who's trying to rally the weez troops, click here.

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