Karl's Corner - 01/09/2008

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01/09/08 Blast Off ...up to Yahoo

Karl Koch / Unknown, photography © 2007

*** *** *** UPDATE 1/25 *** *** ***
Peoples - if you like Weezer and Soccer, live in SoCal and are looking for something to do tomorrow, then listen up - TOMORROW 1/26 at 1PM, Rivers is playing in the Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra charity celebrity soccer match, which benefits Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles and the Mia Hamm Foundation. The match is at the Home Depot Center, Carson, CA. All the info you need to know is on the match's website, and more info is on their MySpace page too. C'mon down and support a great charity and root Rivers on to victory!

...and by the way, i hope youve been keeping up with the Rivers Podcast Page!

*UPDATE* the Scott Shriner Fan Interview is now up for your perusal here. Lots of interesting things to read! Kudos to Scott, Weerez.com, and all the fans who sent in Q's.

...Rivers' "Alone" album now has a video, for "Blast Off!" This video will be world premiering on Yahoo.com, on their video premieres page (link updated 1/14), this coming Friday, 1/11. Check it out! I think youll get a kick out of it.

speaking of "Alone", heres a recent Billboard.com article in which Rivers says some interesting stuff about his own music and Weezer music. Speaking of Rivers interviews, keep an eye on the 'Alone' podcast page, ther should be more additions soon. And meanwhile, the vinyl LP version of 'Alone" is now out, sightings have been made at several US shops. This is a strictly limited pressing, so if you like the big black discs, get 'em while you can!

...Thanks to weezed.com, the fan created and fan hosted (for now) Weezer Media Archive has a new home at last. This is an amazing resource for anyone looking for old articles about weezer and interviews with them, dating back to when the Blue Album was released back in 1994.