Karl's Corner - 01/11/2005

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01/11/05 where I come from isn't all that great

...a happy new year to all. A few days ago some intrepid =w= fans braved the wilds of the internet to find this info, which, if one looks carefully, lists March 21st as the date the first single from the new weezer album goes to radio. The title listed, "Beverly Hills", is indeed correct! And yes, the 'radio date' of 3/21 is indeed confirmed at this point, though as its so far away, its not impossible that it could still change.

So what does this date mean? It means that until 3/21, theres really no point in requesting the song, as radio stations are being 'serviced' with the song on that date - in other words, they dont have it yet, and arent supposed to play it yet even if they did.

(But does the song rock? HELL YES!)

As for what this means in the bigger picture, the most recent predictions of a spring release for weezers album 5 are proving accurate so far. By the time the 'Beverly Hills' is at radio, way way more details and info will become available. But for now, the album isnt entirely even finished yet, as Rivers will be completing his work on several songs after his semester is over in late January. Then the album (including 'Beverly Hills') gets mixed and the artwork gets done. What is for sure is that "Beverly Hills" will be at radio well in advance of the albums release, by a good 6 weeks or more, which is normal for a 1st single from a new album.

At this time, no album title is known and no release date is set. Touring is being talked about and definite plans are on the table, but again, no details are ready for the public yet. Patience, young jedi!