Karl's Corner - 01/17/2013

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2013/01/17 Australasia Tour 2013: Melbourne, Australia: Palais Theatre


...Today's show is unique on this tour, its the only Pinkerton Memories night. Its taking place at the historic and beautiful Palais Theatre, which is in the St. Kilda area, and is right next door to the site of one of the original 1996 Melbourne weezer shows at the Palace club, which burned down several years ago. So, we came pretty close to recreating the original experience, but I think we upped the ante, with the set of "lesser known fan fave classics and b-sides", followed by the Pinkerton Album in full. Its strange to think how its come full circle at last - no one expected it would take a Memories show to finally return to the scene of the original Australian Pinkerton Tour, but I think it worked out about as cool as it could have.

People were only trickling in as Ball Park Music and Cloud Control were playing, and I gotta say they missed out! These two bands are terrific and their songs are really sticking with me on this tour. Ill be picking up all their albums.