Karl's Corner - 01/31/2008

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01/31/08 See that baby? He's flyin across that sky...

Patrick Wilson, photography © 2008

*** update 2/5 ***
...folks, there's a new interview with Rivers up on BBC. Also, a new weezer cover band alert: scroll down this post for the info about Tweezer.

...From Patrick Wilson, happy news: "We had another healthy son. He was 8 lbs, 9 oz , born at Cedars in Los Angeles, and his name is Ian Patrick Wilson." Congratulations to Pat and his growing family! (That's li'l Ian in the picture above!)

...Rivers did well in the charity soccer match on 1/26, even scoring his team's first goal! The game got a mention on EPSN Soccer net, with a nice quote from our man RC.

...Speaking of Rivers, here's a new interview with him, up now at Pitchfork.

...No idea why this glimpse of 12/05 Japan stuff is online, but... enjoy it while it lasts.

...Oliver from France says the French Weezer Forum has moved, here's the new address: www.weezerandco.net/forum/.

...Frankie Z. says "I made a custom weezer.com button on my iPhone!" Pretty cool! Check it out here and here.

...Michael Cera keeps holding it down for the Weez. Check out his iTunes celebrity Playlist for a dose of his fave weez album, Pinkerton.

...cover band alert: El Scorcho is playing at the Wild Wing cafes in Asheville, NC Friday night 2/1 and Knoxville, TN on Saturday 2/2.

...NEW 2/5: Weezer tribute band Tweezer are playing Feb 16 at Sullivan Hall in NYC in a double headline show with Facelift - an Alice in Chains tribute. Tickets are available on ticketmaster. Tweezer's got plenty o' vids available online if you wanna preview.