Karl's Corner - 02/12/2004

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02/12/04 peaches und herb

Today Rivers made a surprise appearance and joined former weezer bassist Matt Sharp onstage for 4 songs at "The Pub" in the Titan Student Union at Cal State Fullerton. Matt's show was publicized as another in his usual series of solo acoustic shows around SoCal and North America, and Rivers' guesting was not announced beforehand.

The show started with Matt running through 6 songs solo: "Jumping Around", "Goodbye West Coast", "January's Girl", "Thoughts From A Slow Train", "When I Get Up" (cover of a Tegan and Sara song), and "The Love I'm Searching For". Then he warmly introduced Rivers to the general astonishment of all in the room who hadn't caught a glimpse of the pair rehearsing earlier. The crowd beefed up considerably as pagers and cell phones alerted friends around campus to hightail it over. The two then proceeded to play "Mrs. Young", a song Rivers helped Matt write back in '93, "Time Song", a new collaboration between the two, and a rather touching "Say It Ain't So". The two thought they were done at that point but the crowd demanded an encore, and after some hemming and hawing, "Undone - The Sweater Song" was played.

The show came off well and delighted the audience, and marked a public end of the estrangement that had persisted between the two former bandmates for several years. With the legal (and emotional) issues cleared up, the two have gotten back in touch as friends and are now keeping in touch and sharing music, separately from their individual works in Weezer and Matt Sharp solo. Once in a while, hell does freeze over.


...Meanwhile, weezer rehearsals for the second round of Album 5 recording have had to take a temporary time out as some unexpected personal biz has taken some weez-men out of L.A. for a few days. The rest of February contains some further choppy scheduling that the band is doing their best to work around. Due to this, it is likely that they won't return to the recording studio to pick up recording work on #5 till March. The good news is that the new songs are just as rad as they ever were, and work continues at every opportunity to tweak and improve the songs and maximize the rock.

...the DVD has officially entered the "Authoring" phase at long last. We are working overtime and sleeping little, to get it right and get it done on time. At this rate, the deadlines will be met and there should be no reason to change the 3/23 release date. Keep ya fingaz crossed!

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