Karl's Corner - 02/14/2004

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02/14/04 twelve. twelve years were given to the men of weez

Happy Valentine's Day, and much more importantly, happy 12th anniversary to Weezer. On this day in 1992, the band had their first practice together, at TK Productions in West L.A. They weren't yet even named, but soon they would be. A few weeks later in March '92, after a handful of practices, weezer would play their first show, at Raji's in Hollywood - oddly enough opening up for Keanu Reeves's band Dogstar, in what is believed to be their first show too.

To mark the day as they do every year on this date, many fans worldwide are participating in the grassroots effort "International Weezer T-Shirt Day", showing their colors en masse. Good luck turning on the non-believers, folks!

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