Karl's Corner - 02/16/2004

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02/16/04 President's Day round up


...more weezebay action here. (some real madness.)

...message board mod JDym00 reports that weezer has been added on myspace.com. Fans that want to add the band can login and then press "Find User" and where it gives the option of finding via e-mail address, enter: weezermyspace@aol.com.

...more random weezer sightings (thanks to fans who sent these in):

#13: speaking of int weez tshirt day...a fan writes "my dad runs a scuba diving company and was last week running a live-aboard boat trip with safari in the unexplored regions of Mozambique (Africa.) Upon his return he informed his little weezerfan daughter that on the outskirts of Maputo, they passed a local farmer wearing a Weezer t-shirt."

#14: still speaking of int weez tshirt day...."Feb 14 may be International Weezer T-Shirt Day but every Thursday at our high school in Rochester MN, we participate in Weezer T-shirt day. We have had this tradition for a good two years now and every Thursday it stays strong."-Mike T.

#15: 2/14 SNL: "American Gigolo" played during a sketch featuring Scott Wainio. (thanks Lenae)

#16: 2/11 Dave Letterman: Both Dave and Drew Barrymore mentioned Weezer on the show. (thanks Nick H.)

#17: 2/15, 99x Atlanta: replayed the Live X acoustic performance of weezer (in the garage/no one else/undone/buddy holly/jamie).

#18: 2/13 & 2/14, on FUSE Satellite ch 339: played the set of Weezer vids on "Loaded".

#19: MTV2 aired a 30 minute "Weezer Greatest Hits" video program recently, playing at least 5 of their videos. (thanks Scott B.)

#20 the album "Jawbreaker" by 19 Wheel contains the lyric: "She's got a musical direction. She plays everything from Styx to Stones, and old Ramones. It don't take too much to please her. Just a little Loverboy or Weezer." (thanks Steph K.)

#21: A recent "Pure Lard" article on t-shirts contains a bit of weezer talk.

#22: "We don’t talk in the theaters like we’re Siskel and Ebert. We drink box wine and we listen to weezer." From mc chris's "White Kids Love Hip-Hop".

...on a different note: Those so inclined may wish to check out an online petition to set up a permanent memorial in Echo Park (L.A.) to the life of Elliott Smith.