Karl's Corner - 03/05/2004

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03/05/04 combo-dilly

...Pat speaks to mtv.com about the state of the weez...

...DVD/Blue Deluxe mentions here, here, here and here.

...more random weezer sightings (thanks to fans who sent these in):

#23: Rolling Stone discusses the recent Matt/Rivers show, originally reported on 2/12 below.

#24: Britain's Channel 4 is using "Island In The Sun" to advertise the final season of "Friends".

#25: "a weezer question" is featured in Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture.

#26: recent Payless Shoes ad campaign for its "Buy One Get One" sale: woman calls her dog "Bogo" due to the "B.O.G.O." sale on her mind. Husband says "I thought the dogs name was 'Weezer'."

#27: South Park studios weezer poster sighting.

#28: 2003's "The Amazing Race" contestants "weezer and geezer".

...weezer.com site notes: the revamped equipment page is getting re-revamped for faster load times and easier use. It will look similar but it will be a lot faster and easier to tell which sections have info. Meanwhile, the 'tunes' discography page has seen major updates, with a few more to come still. Those waiting patiently for more additions to the super-chrono should finally see progress again, picking up with 1993 and moving forward towards present times. Lots of cool stuff coming there!! And no word on when we'll get a new 'Stoke Factor' update, but we're trying!