Karl's Corner - 03/08/2002

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03/08/02 the clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight...

...today Rivers, Brian, and Scott worked on recording the vocals for the many songs that the band laid down this week. That ends the Album 5 recording work untill after the European Tour, which starts tomorrow when we fly away to Portugal! This trip to Europe is long overdue and includes shows in Portugal (a whole new country for Weezer), Spain, and the U.K., and needless to say the band is super excited! This marks Scott's first overseas work in weezer, and marks weezers 5th time in Europe overall. Obviously there are several areas that have been left out of this fairly short tour, including places that were on the docket last October before the unfortunate cancellations. I honestly do not have any info as to when weezer may be getting to the other parts o' Europe again, but I do know that the wheels are always turning, and all kinds of plans are always being discussed. Thanks for your patience!

..the Maladroit radio Action continues hard and strong, but will be updated in the next update... because i gotta pack!! The next report will be from Portugal!

...goodbye, L.A.....hello, Europe!...