Karl's Corner - 03/09/2005

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03/09/05 look at all those movie stars

...more euro tour dates confirmed:

06/08/05 - Paris, France - The Olympia

We are expecting more Euro and a set of US dates soon. Meanwhile, The new album "Make Believe" is still in the mixing process. The "Beverly Hills" video is very close to being done, if not already done. We are deep into work on the website, you should see some changes starting around the time of the release of 'Beverly Hills', which is coming up in the next 2 weeks. Remember to save any of your favorite info and threads that are currently on the message boards - they will be "lost in translation"!

...more fan photos taken at the 'Beverly Hills' video shoot [here]. (this link is no longer available)

...on March 22 at 10PM - midnight, on Ithaca, NY's WICB 92 FM: all weezer for 2 solid hours!

...more tribute band action:

Tweezer! - at The Big Hunt, Washington, DC - Thursday, March 10th, 8pm - Free, no cover.

[Say it Ain't So: Another Weezer Tribute] - at The Fine Line in Minneapolis - April 25th. (this link is no longer available)

...grassroots rumblings already stirring for "Make Believe" album release parties. See [here] and [here] for planning info for an Indiana release party. (these links are no longer available)

...and don't forget to support Y-100! (Updated link)