Karl's Corner - 03/11/2008

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03/11/08 A Message From Rivers and Weezer

***UPDATE 3/31***
Okay, a viewer of the new movie "21" reports seeing a new Weezer song in the credits ("Everybody Get Dangerous"), but didnt hear anything in the film he recalled sounding like weezer. Well, movies are like that. For all we know, its deep in the background somewhere on one scene.

And, for those of you who know about Twitter, Pat Wilson's got one going. All sorts of randomness from the keypad of Wilson here. Who knows what he'll do next?

***UPDATE 3/27***
More info has hit the web about that mysterious Pat Wilson sung song in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 Prologue game. As we see on this site, the song is called "Automatic (LA Riots remix)" and yes, it's officially a Weezer song. As for what it's a remix of, and whether you will see this (or any mix of it) down the road (or racetrack) on any release...remains to be seen. Also, a longer GT5P trailer is online here.

also, some folks have spotted an online interview I did recently, about some weezer history and my own muzak. It's here.

***UPDATE 3/24***
Hey folks, check out the MacBreak Weekly podcast this coming Wednesday (3/26), as Pat Wilson will be joining the panel "to discuss music in the age of the internet". The website is here . Should be up by Wednesday evening.

***UPDATE 3/19***
Online now: A new video, for the song ""Lover In The Snow" off Rivers' "Alone" album! Check it out here.

***MORE UPDATES - see below Rivers' message***

Hey Weezer punks,

We have one song left to mix and then it’s on to mastering. We should be all done very soon. Then we chill for a minute.

The album will be out in June so with any luck you will hear a new Weezer song on the radio soon. I think I know which song is the first single but I’m not sure so I can’t tell you. I’ll give you some hints, though. It’s one word, starts with a T, ends with an R and contains twelve letters. You should be able to figure it out because you’re smart li’l Weezer fans.

The album is meaty, crunchy and melodic like a good Weezer album should be.

Peace out,


** UPDATE(s) 3/18 **

...New Interview With Rivers about Album 6 in Performing Songwriter Mag. An excerpt is online here. Get the magazine for the whole scoop! (Mar/April issue - Sheryl Crow's on the cover).

...Looks like the single hinted at above may not be the first single after all. Of course, since you havent heard any of the songs yet, no need to worry - theyre all cool!

...Keep an eye out for a new video to drop from "Alone"! Very soon...

...Just what are you hearing here? Well, that is indeed Pat Wilson's voice. Thats about all that can be said for sure right now.

...Photo credit for the above Japanese Tower Records photo (that erroneously listed the new albums release date as April 8th): Ben O. (who sent it to Dan Z., who sent it to me)

...Many letters came in from players of Rock Band (PS2, PS3, XB360), noting mysterious differences in the version of "El Scorcho" thats used in the game. Ive looked into it and still no explanation has surfaced. As people have said: "...The lyrics are slightly differrent ("Come down on the street and dance with me" versus "Come on down on the street and dance with me") and the solo is almost completely different..." "...Matt's backing falsetto vocals are gone, and so is the ICONIC, seminal guitar solo....the entire outro is changed as well! Gone are the group shouts and the boisterous yelling..."

...Speaking of Rock Band, this is pretty funny!

...Heres some video highlights from Rivers' big day at the charity soccer match. Stay tuned for much more in this department (you'll see).

...Weezer cover/tribute band updates:

1. The Blue Album Group. "We play Weezer's Blue Album straight through, note for note, with all the vocal harmonies, ripping guitar solos, and cardigan sweaters in tact (or should i say undone?)."
Upcoming shows:
Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY.
289 Kent Ave (btw South 1st and South 2nd)
April 4th, 2008, 9pm
Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY.
256 Grand St. bet. Driggs and Roebling
April 25th, 2008 - 10pm

2. El Scorcho from Georgia.
Upcoming shows:
4.12.08 Midtown Music Hall - Chattanooga, TN
4.25.08 GET READY - Weezer Karaoke @ 10 High, ATL, GA (opening for Metalsome!)
5.03.08 LOCA LUNA - Atlanta Illustrated Cinco de Mayo Party

...And finally, from Patrick in Columbus, Georgia:
"My high school allows anyone who passes the Georgia High School Graduation test with a high enough score to claim and paint a parking space in our school parking lot. So far I am one of the three people in my school who have been allowed to do this, and the only one to actually paint a spot. I decided to dedicate part of my chosen space to Weezer with a classic, "Flying W"." -Patrick