Karl's Corner - 03/23/2004

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03/23/04 you said a bad word, I'm gonna tell your momma on you


...the DVD and Blue Album Deluxe Edition are out now! Check 'em out! Reports have been coming in across the country and some other parts of the world about DVD and Blue album availability. Fans were reporting local sell-outs of the Blue Deluxe in parts of L.A., Cleveland, and even Tennessee. People seemed to be able to find both new releases just about everywhere in the USA, but it seems some Best Buys were running such deep discounts that they were out of stock by mid-day at many stores, and a lot of shops of all shapes and sizes are re-ordering both the DVD and Blue Deluxe already.

Meanwhile, up in Canada, there was unexpected news that the Blue Deluxe would not be released for another week (on 3/30), causing some Canadians to mount road trips to US record shops across the border. (this delay may also apply to the UK? insufficient data to be sure at this point.) Unlike most other international areas, however, the DVD did get released in Canada today, which was also a bit of a suprise - though a good one! (By the way, we now have a more complete list of other countries which plan a local release of the DVD: Brazil, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Note that this list does not include the Scandanavian countries, as the info is not yet available.)

...also today, listeners in certain cities got an earful of Patrick Wilson, who called up radio stations and chatted with the DJ's about the DVD, the Blue Deluxe and general weez issues. Fans listened carefully and heard him speculate about the future, reporting their findings back on our message boards: "...(Pat said) the band is really loving working with (Rick) Rubin and they are pretty happy with the material they've got going and "hope to have something in the can by September"...he has "no clue whether or not they'll tour at all this summer"...he is "looking forward to getting this album in the can and doing a lot of touring."...and that album 5 will be "more of a return to Blue Album style"...(Pat) guesses it might be out "around Christmas time"...and he "hopes the hardcore fans like it"..."

...3/24 update - more album 5 related news here on Mtv.com.

...note that the Mtv2 "Weezer Vault" DVD special is set to air several more times. This half hour special consists of various clips from the dvd, edited together in a unique way that is arranged differently than how they appear on the DVD. Check it out, especially if youre wondering what sort of unusual stuff to expect on the DVD. The following airtimes are known at this point:

Tuesday 3/23 at 8:00 am ET
Thursday 3/25 at 10:30 am ET
Tuesday 3/30 at 9:30pm ET
Wednesday 3/31 at 4am ET

Note that originally we were told that the special would be played at the same time in all time zones, so thats what was announced here. However, unfortunately this info turned out to be incorrect. Direct communication with Mtv2 has confirmed that the "Eastern Time' listings above are ONLY for Eastern Time Zone - so subtract 1 hour for CT, 2 for MT and 3 for Pacific, etc. Apologies for the confusion!

...also, coming soon on Mtv2, "The Weezer Greatest Hits Video block" is scheduled to air March 30 at 8pm. This should consist of a half hour block of classic weez videos.

...also, theres yet another exclusive DVD preview clip online now, (besides the ones in the VCD player and the 2 at MTV.com), check it out at launch.com.

...Yesterday's MSN chat with Pat and myself was fun but all too quick. MSN told us that some people had been logged into the chat for days and that questions had been piling up since 8 AM, so we realized it was gonna be hopeless to try and get thru most of them in just half an hour. Thanks to everyone who participated, and apologies to the many who werent able to get their comments and questions in! A transcript of the chat (with some of the typos and errors corrected, but not all) has been archived here.

...chat insanity!...

...This week has been deemed "Weezer Week" on Philadelphia's Y100. They are giving away Blue Deluxes and the DVD, and have cool autographed grand prizes. Theyre also doing lots of weezer "Nooners" and will be playing the acoustic Sonic Sessions from back in the Pinkerton days. (sadly, Weezer came in second place to Green Day in y-100's annual March Madness tournamant, after defeating Creed, Thursday, The Foo Fighters, The Cure, and Nirvana. Till next year!!!)

...meanwhile in Seattle, 107.7 The End hosted a Weezer DVD screening on 3/22. "The whole room was laughing hysterically at Pat's antics, and the rest of the band's craziness...They had some promo postcards with the deluxe blue picture on one side and the dvd cover on the other, (along with a display table with multiple copies of the dvd and blue deluxe cd.)" --Rob, big fan

...mentions and reviews:

Weezer is currently on the homepages of Launch/Yahoo Music, Windows Media Music, MSN Music, and MTV.com, as well as being a featured new release on iTunes.

Norwegian News about the DVD and Blue Deluxe, "from Norway's biggest and most respected music zine".

heres a review of the Blue Deluxe CD over on iesb.net.

another review of the DVD + Blue Deluxe CD in a local Connecticut paper. (archived for 7 days only!)

...old weez redux: over on BBC 6, songs from Weezer's 1996 Reading Festival performance are up for listening as part of their 'Dream Ticket' program.