Karl's Corner - 03/23/2005

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03/23/05 I wanna be just like a king

"Beverly Hills" in streaming media, click and listen!
Windows Media Player here, RealPlayer here

"Beverly Hills" is already getting love at KROQ-FM L.A. (though the new System Of A Down song beat it out in the top 5 at 9 on 3/22...can we hit the top tomorrow?), 94.7 Portland OR, Live 105 SF, 99X Atlanta, WEQX in VT, WRRV Poughkeepsie, and XM radio channel 47 'ETHEL'!

...getting many many questions about possible other tour dates not seen in the current confirmed tours. The basic answer for both North America and the rest of the world is "YES", more tour dates are currently being planned, and they will be announced when known. But there is no solid info as to where specifically the shows will be at this point, so your questions about your city or country cannot be answered at this point.