Karl's Corner - 03/29/2005

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03/29/05 psyche! ....I don't stand a chance

..."Beverly Hills" digital single on sale today!

...reminder! The Beverly Hills video premiers today, Tuesday 3/29 on MTV2, with an "All Day Premier! See it NOW at 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 7pm, 10pm, 1am, 4am, and 5am!

Then on Wednesday 3/30, also on MTV2, see the "Make A Video" episode on the making of "Beverly Hills" at 10:30 AM! (playing again Thursday 03/31 at 7:30pm, Friday 04/01 at 8:30am, and Saturday 04/02 at 1:30am (late Friday night).

(however, those on campuses with MTVU may have already caught the vid, as it apparently was played Monday night without explanation! sweet.)

...Make Believe news - we now have info about the mixing process, which is essentially over at this point. The mixing duties were split up between 2 mixers, with Josh Abraham doing the majority of the tracks and Rich Costey doing the rest. The process was rather organic, devised to get the right mix for the right song. It involved letting both mixers work on all the songs and then pairing up the mixer with the songs that seemed to be working best with him. Both of these guys are astonishingly skilled and their individual styles and strengths came out on 'their' tracks. The songs went from mixing into mastering over the weekend, and now the mastering is essentially done, but a few songs are now back getting some mix tweaks done, which will effectively send them back for re-mastering in the coming days. But overall, we're almost there at last!

I gotta say - I just heard the final mixes of "Peace", "The Damage In Your Heart", "Freak Me Out", and "This Is Such a Pity", and I must say I am so proud of the weezer men at this moment. These are great songs and great recordings! Lovers of 'old school Weez' will be stoked, and yet, theres nothing 'retro' about these - theyre fresh, and simply excellent.

...Weezer's Make Believe Tour 2005: Leg 1: North America (the quickie version) - news: Philadelphia fans - so far I've been unable to get a definite word on the ticket sale for the Electric Factory show. The latest info is that there is *no pre-sale*, and the on sale date is most likely 4/8 instead of 4/1. Ticketmaster is showing 4/8 which backs this info. As soon as we have definite word it will be here on the news.

...speaking of philly....Vote for Weezer! Even without a 'brick and mortar' station, Y-100 Philly is continuing its annual 64 band head to head battle this year. Weezer won in 2001 and 2003, and once again face heavy competition from all sorts of great bands - which you must help weezer defeat! Show no mercy! There will be no victory for Green Day this time! (Say with a Darth Vader voice for best effect.)

...a special note re: the recent ticket sales for the upcoming North American tour leg. I did some asking around after recieving a ton of emails from upset fans who couldnt get tickets. while this wont help someone who didnt get a ticket to get one (though were looking into what can be done there too), heres some facts you should know:

* This is weezer's 1st tour in 2.5 years and their first with their new management company. Somewhere between then and now the knowledge of weezer.com's usual (attempted) good treatment of its online fanbase wasnt well communicated to whoever should have known. The common practice is for internet presales to be set up for bands who have subscription (paid) online fanclubs (which weezer chose not to do some years ago in favor of continuing to give away its online content for free), so it was assumed by the people dealing with the tickets that going to the radio stations for the ticket promotions was normal, as it often is. In the future, regardless of how exactly ticket presales and promotions are being handled (which may certainly involve the stations again of course), you, the loyal weezer.com visitor will be privvy to whatever info is available, in time to use it.

* The ticket limit per order is normally 4, and will remain so for all weezer shows. However, the Toronto show apparently slipped thru with a 8 ticket limit instead. "We keep an eye on eBay up here in Canada and they have actually been great in helping us out. Sellers cannot sell above face value and if they do, the auction is cancelled." -representative from House Of Blues Canada (promoter/tickets). (Unfortunately, its apparently not illegal to resell tickets at higher than face value in the USA, so long as certain state rules are followed (no within state sales at a profit are allowed in New York and Massechusetts, for example.) With ebay, sellers and buyers can be all over the country, and thus the weaker rules are easily circumvented, to the frustration of fans not able or willing to shell out crazy prices to re-sellers.)

* Contrary to the claims of fans who experienced the 'instant sell outs' of the last couple of dates, presales only sell "a couple hundred" of the total tickets, "or if it's a big venue show, a minority percentage in the realm of 10-25 percent" (quoting someone deep in the know.) Again, the 'instant sell outs' were due to a flood of requests hitting the ticket booths, phone lines and online sales all at the same time. Ticketmaster has massive networks designed to handle hundreds of requests per second, so in just a few minutes (seconds even), the tickets were all accounted for. Also again - there WILL be more shows later in the year - we can't be positive exactly where, but most fans will have another chance (or more!) to catch the band's "Make Believe Tour 2005"

...WEBSITE SWITCH - should be switching over during TUESDAY 3/29 and WEDNESDAY 3/30, so if you are getting weird results when you log on to weezer.com, try refreshing the page, and if you arent getting anything, just check back in a few minutes. They tell me it may be strange till all the local servers start pointing to the new pages.

......updated 'Radio Love List': "Beverly Hills" now playing on KROQ-FM L.A., 103.1 Indie LA/OC (with a wee dis in the Punk Rock Minute to boot), 94.7 Portland OR, Live 105 SF, 99X Atlanta, WEQX in VT/Upstate NY (#1 request 3/23!), WRRV Poughkeepsie, and XM radio channel 47 'ETHEL', 101.7 wfnx Boston, 95.5 wbru Providence ("screamer of the week"), 102.3 KBXR in Columbia, MO (on "What's New for Dinner"), 89X in Detroit, 102.9 the Buzz Nashville TN, 107.7 The End Seattle (#2 on "People's Choice Countdown"), 102.1 Milwaukee, 94.9 San Diego, 91.1 (91x) San Diego ("Weezer Wednesday" 3/23), 102.1 THE EDGE Dallas ("9 o'clock Cock Fight"), New Rock 97.3 Cincinnati, 101X Austin TX, The Edge Radio 103.9 Phoenix (3/21 "Double Edge Weezer Day"), 96.5 the Buzz Kansas City (#1 on "the 7 @ 7 that don't suck"!), 103.9 The X Dayton, Ohio, drive105 Minneapolis MN, 94.7 The Buzz Oklahoma City, X102.3 Fort Wayne TX, 106.7 The End New Orleans, X96.3 KXRK Salt Lake City, Q101 Chicago (ranked on "Top 9 at 9"), O-Rock 105.9 Orlando (#4 on Furious 8 at 8), Real Rock 101.1 Orlando, Knoxville's 94.3 the X, 103.3 The Edge Buffalo (whoo!), 102.1 The Edge Toronto (chosen over NIN by the "Nooner" audience!), BBC Radio One BRITIAN (Zane Lowe show 3/23 debut!), Z ROCK 99.3 Bristol, TN, 92.3 Xtreme Cleveland, OH, 96x Virginia Beach VA, 96.1 Wave Charleston, SC, and heavy play on Sirius Radio (Channel 21 Alt Nation)!