Karl's Corner - 04/01/2005

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04/01/05 and I just don't belong

...some follow up notes today:

"Beverly Hills" debuts at #13 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart! And as of noon on 3/31 it was #1 overall most downloaded on iTunes, and it has stayed there - still #1 as of 8AM EST on 4/1!

...Canadian fans: The "Beverly Hills" video debuts on MuchMusic TODAY on "The Wedge", airing at 11 p.m. EST and again at 3 a.m. EST.

...updated 'Radio Love List': "Beverly Hills" now playing on KROQ-FM L.A., 103.1 Indie LA/OC (with a wee dis in the Punk Rock Minute to boot), 94.7 Portland OR, Live 105 SF, 99X Atlanta, WEQX in VT/Upstate NY (#1 request 3/23!), WRRV Poughkeepsie, and XM radio channel 47 'ETHEL', 101.7 wfnx Boston, 95.5 wbru Providence ("screamer of the week"), 102.3 KBXR in Columbia, MO (on "What's New for Dinner"), 89X in Detroit, 107.7 The End Seattle (#2 on "People's Choice Countdown"), 102.1 Milwaukee, 94.9 San Diego, 91.1 (91x) San Diego ("Weezer Wednesday" 3/23), 102.1 THE EDGE Dallas ("9 o'clock Cock Fight"), New Rock 97.3 Cincinnati, 101X Austin TX, The Edge Radio 103.9 Phoenix (3/21 "Double Edge Weezer Day")...
...96.5 the Buzz Kansas City (#1 on "the 7 @ 7 that don't suck"!), 103.9 The X Dayton, Ohio, drive105 Minneapolis MN, 94.7 The Buzz Oklahoma City, X102.3 Fort Wayne TX, 106.7 The End New Orleans, X96.3 KXRK Salt Lake City, Q101 Chicago (ranked on "Top 9 at 9"), O-Rock 105.9 Orlando (#4 on Furious 8 at 8), Real Rock 101.1 Orlando, Knoxville's 94.3 the X, 103.3 The Edge Buffalo (whoo!), 102.1 The Edge Toronto CANADA (chosen over NIN by the "Nooner" audience!), BBC Radio One UK (Zane Lowe show 3/23 debut!)...
...97x Tampa/St. Petersburg (Won five nights in a row on "Repeat it or Delete it"), 91.5 The Wawl Chattanooga, TN (on 5/10 will play only weezer from 7-9PM! listen online!), Radio Arbeidet (workers radio) NORWAY, XFM LONDON UK, 88.7 KTRM Kirksville MO, 105.7 WHFS B'more/DC, FM 96 London, Ontario CANADA, Sirius Radio (Channel 21 Alt Nation, in rotation about every 2 hours as of 4/1!), 92.3 WXRK-Rock NYC, Q104.3 (Classic Rock! right on!) NYC, Rock96.7 Modesto, CA "The Rock Station", STAR 101.9 Honolulu, HI, KWOD 106.5 Sacramento, KHWD (Howard) 93.7 Sacramento, WWHI/WCRD Ball State U. Muncie Indiana, 89.7 "The River" Omaha NB, New Rock 97.9 WGRD Grand Rapids MI, 102.9 the Buzz Nashville TN (#5 in Top 9 at 9:09).

...weezer is now in the final four of the Y100 Modern Rock Madness tournament. Help weezer become the first band to take the top honors for the 3rd time! And help bring back Y100 Philly!

...and up in Boston on WBCN, they are also doing a tournament, the WBCN March Mania 2005 - and weezer has made the 'sweet 16' round! Check it out and vote!

...weezer cover band alert: UK! - "Weezish" are playing Thurs 4/9 on PLANET BEET night @ The Priors Inn, 1 Priors Avenue, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - £4 on the door. Doors open 8pm.

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