Karl's Corner - 04/10/2001

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...Hash Pipe is gaining steam! On Monday night it was #1 on the KROQ (L.A.) "Furious 5 at 9", having gotten the most requests! The DJ, "Stryker" was quoted as saying "God that song is good...that song is so good". Then today, on Tuesday they reportedly played it over 15 times!

...Meanwhile in Philadelphia, it has been put into the "cage match" on Y-100. It WON on Monday, and carried over to fight again today! How long can requesters keep it at the top of the Philly heap?

...today I spoke with Pat and Mikey, who were on the site of the video shoot for Hash Pipe. To loosely quote what Mikey told me: "we're sitting in a 'Minnie Winnie' motor home/dressing room, outside of a huge film studio in the Universal Studios back lot. Inside the studio, they have made everything up to look like a Sumo wrestling arena! We've been shooting band performances for the last 8 hours, and we are now awaiting the arrival of 5 500-pound real sumo wrestlers. God help us all!"

...I just put up fans' news reports page 8, take a look for some more cool stories!

...Late breaking and very suprising news: I have just learned at the last minute that I am not in fact accompanying the band to Japan for the 2 week tour. I am just as suprised as you, and there is no way around it I have learned. This means that I will be unable to shoot pictures and video on tour, and thus unable to post them with my updates here. BUMMER! ...However, you (anyone going to a show in Japan who can read this) can help! Send me your tour stories and observations, nightly setlist recollections, and whatever info you'd like to on your experiences in Japan with weezer, and I will piece together the info I get into new updates. If you can, include a photo (or two) you took at your show (or of the band if you saw them elsewhere that day), and please email your pics and stories to: this adress only. (while the server is still goofed up, Im not gonna take chances with the weezer.net mail address right now)...and THANKS!

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