Karl's Corner - 04/15/2001

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...The first show of the Japan Tour is history, and was a success! Here is the set list, showcasing an interesting mix of old and new songs, plus a few pix courtesy Dan the Lighting Man...

Set List, Blitz, April 15th: I Do ("New Song" finally gets a name!)
Photograph (formerly "If You Want It")
Tired Of Sex
In The Garage
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
Island In The Sun
Hash Pipe
The Good Life
Christmas Song
Why Bother?
Butterfly (full band non-acoustic version!)
Say It Ain't So
Buddy Holly
Surf Wax America
Only In Dreams
Simple Pages (formerly known as "Gimmie Some Love")

...Marie Ishikawa of Tokyo attended the show and told me that cameras were not allowed, so fan's photos were impossible. She also described a lot of moshing and singing along going on, particularly for the older familiar songs...(sounds a lot like the US shows!) She also says she caught Pat's water bottle when he threw it, and that some folks in the audience didn't think the set was long enough, but that they still loved the show! Thanks Marie!


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