Karl's Corner - 04/18/2001

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Japan show #3: Dan the Lighting Man sez "all systems A-OK", and that the setlist was the same as the show #2 in Sendai. More random Dan Pix:

Karlscorner-20010418-a.jpg Karlscorner-20010418-b.jpg

Karlscorner-20010418-c.jpg Karlscorner-20010418-d.jpg

...here are some more confirmed weezer show dates (more to come soon, there are many shows in the works, these shows in particular are confirmed and tickets are on sale...)

   • May 12th Dallas KDGE radio show
   • May 13th Tulsa KMYZ radio show
   • May 20th St. Louis KPNT radio show
   • July 5th Shepherds Bush (3rd London show)
   • July 7th Manchester Academy

...just did a big update of the "Recording History", click here to see the new info on Page 11, which is all about 2000!