Karl's Corner - 04/18/2008 (a)

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04/18/08 triunfa

04/18/08 triunfa

Welcome to the new weezer.com! It's still in transition, but things should be settled by the time the new album is out. The boards are new too, and should hopefully represent a solid improvement over the last incarnation. Have a peek and lay down some posts if you haven't yet. And yes, the "Info" section and all the history stuff will return. (Direct link to the 'info' page in the meantime is here.)

By now you've likely heard the 1st single, "Pork And Beans", but if you haven't, all you need do is hit the homepage or the myspace page.

More soon, but in the meantime, It's my pleasure to mention the coolest Weezer Tribute album of them all, the albumsix.com boardie tribute! (Its not a CD - it's a set of 17 mp3s). I must say, theres some very talented folks in the weezer fandom world, and they clearly worked hard on this stuff! Check it out, theres some really cool interpretations of your fave weezer classics on it. (Scroll down a bit on this page (p. 26) to get to the link to the .zip file of the final version with artwork, etc.)