Karl's Corner - 04/24/2001

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...Mikey is standing in front of a big display of weezer bootlegs. Lots of them.
On sale. In a store. Legally. funny laws they got there in Japan...(the first Tokyo show was on sale there already!!)

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...Beebe the Bass Magician blanches.....................er, firp, bling... uh...

...News Flash! The Hash Pipe video is all done and is starting to go out! And the Much Music TV Station in Canada has already added it to their playlist! Much Music is available on most satellite services so Americans will be able to see the video before it (hopefully) appears on MTV. Use the following address for requesting Hashpipe on Much Music, Much Music "On Demand" Request Address , and let's try and get it to #1! I dont know when they are planning on playing it or how often, but I know that your requests will speed up the process!

...the June Spin magazine will include a fairly big weezer article. I'm not sure when it hits the stands.

...And here's 2 fan reports from the latest weezer show, in Nagoya, Japan: "...A week later than first scheduled...but well worth the wait! My husband and I left the house early DETERMINED to get a good position this time (In '96 we were way up the back!) On reaching Diamond Hall, however, we were subjected to the particularly anal Japanese system of letting people inside according to ticket number, so there was a bit of a wait. We had nothing to fear, though, as we got a prime position in the 2nd row right in front of Brian - was grrreat! The new songs sounded really cool - 'Island in the Sun' a particular favourite! Although most of us hadn't heard the new stuff, the atmosphere was amazing - crowds really get into the shows here, and the calls for 'Rivaazu' & 'Buraian' were deafening! When Rivers spoke in Japanese, too, the crowd went mental!! When the curtain dropped to reveal the =w= light....well, you can just imagine!! Overall, we had such a great night - seeing Weezer live is always, always worth waiting for. One small thing, though...do agree that it was quite short - I'm sure it was at least 30 mins longer in '96!?! --Regards, Alix Aoki"

"...I've just come back from the show at Nagoya diamond hall. The show was extremely fantastic. Before the show started, we've already started clapping, shouting "WEEZER". It made me hot. I've never had such a situation before. During the show, as the other people said, Rivers spoke mostly Japanese. It was better than Summer Sonic 2000 in Japan last year. Well done, Rivers, anyway. I think the band played very happily today. The audience also looked so happily. I was very satisfied with this show. When I went out the hall, I heard the other person's saying, she said today was more successful than last week. YEAHHHHHHH!!!!! --NAOMI S"