Karl's Corner - 04/27/2004

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04/27/04 slipping into darkness

...new interview regarding the Blue Album Deluxe Edition at Plasma Rag. New reviews at Blender Magazine, Focus Online, the Badger Herald, and Whatcharockin.com.

...last week, the Blue Album Deluxe Edition jumped from #101 to #26 on the CMJ Top 200 chart. The chart had been down for 2 weeks previous due to tech issues, so this represents the 3rd real week on the chart for weezer, showing a big jump in airplay at college radio...

...over the years, many musically minded fans have asked if weezer ever sells their old gear, and the answer has always been 'no'...until now. Weez drummer Pat Wilson has been assigned by the rest of the guys to take care of the auctioning of several now-unused items from weezer's deep equipment closets. Gear heads take note, as there are several killer amps and drum kits up for bids now. (Note that not everything currently on Pat's list is a weezer item, but the 'non-weezer' items are still cool pieces of gear regardless.)