Karl's Corner - 04/29/2001

From Weezerpedia

...well, contrary to some accounts, I was NOT at Coachella sporting an orange mowhawk! I will be rejoining the guys in about 2 weeks, right around the time of the moment we've all been waiting for since August '97: the album release! In the meantime, I will continue to cobble together my reports and do some "behind the scenes" weez-work that will all be made public ASAP! I apologize for the lack of fresh pix and movie clips. Rest assured, you will be swimming in cool "content" soon! Big changes are afoot for weezer.com, and there are some very cool projects in the works! Well, today you get a tiny treat. click here for a very brief "movie" that Mikey must have shot of himself in an airport. It looks like he had the camera set on "still image" or something!

...Anyway, by all accounts, from band crew and fans, weezer rocked the Coachella stage hard, and won over the mixed crowd, not to mention Jane's Addiction! Pat says Jane's were "great" and employed an unknown bass player. A fan writes:

"Weezer got the crowd rockin' at coachella. The fans were totally ecstatic and the new songs Photograph and Island in the sun became instant hits, I kept hearing people say "wow the new album is going to kick ass when it comes out!" The crowd was so into the songs that when it came time for only in dreams people literally had no energy left what so ever but they still somehow mannaged to find more and kept on rockin. It was a great concert! I drove 8 hours to see weezer and it was totally worth it, well accept when I got my wallet stollen in the crowd of weezer fans, that really sucked. One guy was taking wallets out of peoples pockets and tossing them backwards in to the sea of people. It really sucks how one jackass can ruin the whole day but I knew that there was nothing I could do but just forget about it and enjoy the rest of the show. No weezer shirt though since I didn't have any money to get one." --Taylor

...the word is on the street that the "Hash Pipe" video is to make its first MTV appearence on May 7th. I cannot confirm this yet, but as soon as I can I'll post the news. Meanwhile, people have reported no luck in getting it played on Canada's Much Music TV Station. Perhaps MM is waiting to see what MTV does. As I understand it though, they have the video in their hands now.

...This week the guys are hunkering down in L.A., taking care of a bunch of interviews and photo shoots and band business. The next "out of town" appearence is in San Diego on May 8th. I should have full details on these upcoming appearences and stuff very very soon.