Karl's Corner - 05/02/2005

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05/02/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 8: day off (to Minneapolis)

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...travel day, flying from L.A. to Minneapolis.

...Meet the crew!

Stuart - Tour Manager. Has worked with weezer before, from 2001-2002. A very good man to have on your side, and always ready with a copy of 'Waiting For Guffman' for those critical moments!

Arthur - Production Manager. First time with weezer, an exceptionally organized fellow who keeps the stage and crew running smoothly. And owns tigers.

Craig - Front Of House sound - Returning to the weez again, Craig runs the mixing board out front to ensure good sound for the audience. Owns small cute dogs instead of tigers.

Dan (the lighting man) - Back again for another set of shows, the gifted-est lighting guy around.

Kevin - Monitor engineer. In charge of the sound for the band on stage, what they get in their in-ear monitors. New to weezer, rocking it right.

Dwayne - Sound system. Dwayne sets up all the speakers and monitors and such, and works with Craig and Kevin to ensure everythings working, and working right.

Bobby - Guitar Tech. We thought we'd lost him to Green Day, but he's back, and helping the band out with some second guitar duties during the show on top of his guitar tuning duties.

Aron - Bass and Drums tech. Another standby from '02, Aron is the glue of the bottom end! He and Bobby also team up to keep Brians keyboard rigs in order.

Hal - Merchandise (Captian Computation) - Hal's all about getting he shirts in, set up, sold, and packed away, and keeping track of everything while running quite possibly the oldest laptop still in use on a tour in America today.

Jim - Band bus driver. Steady n' sure!

Charlie - Band bus driver. Sure n' steady!

Mike - crew bus driver. Steady, not sweaty.

Kevin J.- truck driver. Big Rig Captain of the night.