Karl's Corner - 05/05/2004

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05/05/04 afro-harping

...looks like the band will be back in (re)pre-production for album 5 next week. The demos have been demoed, the song lists have been trimmed to a killer 'a-list', and everyone is getting excited to rock hard and get the album on tape. Theres no exact schedule for how long these new pre-production/rehearsals will go, but the idea seems to get things sorted out in a jiffy, and get back in the studio and start recording asap. No word as to the status of the studio work they did back in December - those recordings are either considered to be 'in progress' or will simply be totally supplanted by what they record in these new sessions.

...equipment heads! The equipment page has had a major upgrade. While visually it remains in the 'new' style introduced last fall, some *major* refinements have been made to make it load lightning quick. Folks on dial-up were bumming, but should be a lot happier now. Credit goes to Julie, who sorted out a whole new style that uses .css instead of images for the chart, while retaining the super organized structure. Also, coming soon to that page are little symbols to show which sections have and haven't had the info filled in, so you will know where not to bother clicking yet. And of course, bit by bit, the missing/incomplete info will be filled in and caught up.

...new interview about the weezer DVD at Rutgers' Daily Targum.

...more Blue Album Deluxe Edition reviews at ign.com, The Albuquerque Journal , and Bodyspace (Portugese language site.) From the print world, Blender magazine said "4 out of 5 stars", Details said "Weezer is still the genre's crown jewel", and Filter magazine gave it a "95%". Sweet.

...for international fans, some re-re-revised release date updates for the DVD and Blue Deluxe...
- Australia: Blue Deluxe out now; DVD 5/5 (people having trouble finding them are advised to check at "JB HIFI stores", "Sanity" and HMV.)
- Holland: Blue Deluxe released 4/19; DVD 4/23
- Belgium: Blue Deluxe to be released 5/???; DVD out now
- Ireland: Blue Deluxe released 4/16; DVD 16th/19th
- UK: Blue Deluxe released 4/19; DVD 4/19
- Italy: Blue Deluxe released 4/26; DVD 4/19
- Japan: Blue Deluxe released 4/21; DVD 4/21
- Iceland: Blue Deluxe released 4/25; DVD 4/25
- Sweden: Blue Deluxe released 4/26; DVD 4/19
- Spain: Blue Deluxe 5/3; DVD 5/3
- Norway: Blue Deluxe ???; DVD out now!
- Brazil: Blue Deluxe ???; DVD out now!
- Portugal: ???
- Hong Kong: ???
- Philippines ???
- New Zealand ???

...updated 5/8:on another note, it looks like there is an odd error on international (PAL) editions of the DVD, wherein the "Slob" commentary plays not only for "Slob", but on "Keep Fishin'" as well (instead of the correct "Keep Fishin'" commentary.) At this point we have no info on how this happened, but it would appear to be a manufacturing error. More on this as info comes to light. Note that Canadian (and all non-PAL) copies do not have the problem. The powers that be are looking into this, and seeing what can be done. More info as it becomes available.