Karl's Corner - 05/07/2005

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05/07/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 13: day off, Boston

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...holy cats, its cold, wet and windy in Boston! We rolled in mid morning after an all night drive from Toronto. The border guys were extra nice to us and we made it over the bridge without delay. There was a plan to catch the Red Sox game today, compliments of the Red Sox organization, but the game was of course cancelled with the wicked and decidedly un-springlike weather. Venturing out did occur in spite of this, at least by Brian and Scott plus myself and various crew, all seen entering and exiting the lobby of the hotel at least once today. Pat actually stayed behind in Upstate New York to visit family on the day off, but we will see him again tomorrow.

...Make Believe is busting out all over. Today reports from both Ireland and Australia, the latest 'early' release locations on the international front. These early releases are apparently done to protect the local markets from being flooded by import editions of the album, which are costlier to the fan, and costly to the local domestic record label. With the album on the street sooner, it discourages retailers from ordering too much of the import version. Or so the theory goes.

Also, some reviews of the album are starting to turn up. The new Rolling Stone mag (Orlando Bloom on the cover?) has a 4 star review, while the UK's Q gave it a 4 out of 5 and The NME was dismissive with a 5/10. And now allmusic.com has chimed in.

...'Beverly Hills' muscled its way back into the iTunes top 10 this week at #9 (#3 Alternative.)

...review and photos of the San Francisco show on 4/29 are at Mish Mash Magazine.

...many have been asking 'whats on the horizon for weezer, beyond the June dates in Europe?'. The answer is "July dates in North America", including several key cities not visited in the current go-round. The currently confirmed dates are near the beginning and end of the run - Vegas on 7/2, and Chicago (Lollapalooza) on 7/23. Everything else is coming together and will be announced asap. And Beyond July? Well, we do have the Japan shows in August, and beyond that is still being sorted out, but we do know that most of the rest of 2005 will include weezer shows.

...a link to http://www.myspace.com/weezer weezers MySpace site] with the "Make Believe" album streams was seen on Thursday's "Hip Clicks" column on USAToday.com. Word is this link came about after a fan tipped off Hip Click's own Whitney Matheson, so dont think your pro-weez efforts are going unnoticed!

...finally, spotted in the 5/6 edition of the Boston Phoenix's show listings section, the listing for tomorrows Avalon gig: "AVALON, Boston. At 7 PM, Weezer, Ringside. At 10 PM, "Gay Night" house with DJ Darrin Friedman." So... it looks like theres something for everyone tomorrow at the Avalon.

...re-reminders: check out the 'Star Map' Player - hear tracks from "Make Believe" plus hear "Bake Melieve"! Spread the love! AND check out Weezer's MySpace page, for streaming audio of the WHOLE Make Believe album!