Karl's Corner - 05/12/2004

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05/12/04 astro-sounds

...DVD revelations! Firstly, the (now several) minor errors that have been uncovered in the PAL version of the DVD are being reviewed by the manufacturer, and they will be able to craft an error-free edition soon. The idea is to make 'correct' copies available, replacing those that are on sale, and allowing exchanges. At this point this has NOT been confirmed as what will be happening, but as soon as anything new is known in this regard, the info will be here on the news page.

Secondly, viewers of the new Weezer DVD "Video Capture Device" have seen the large variety of footage, from pristine film to rough home videos. One of those home videos, the live "My Brain" from the Santa Barbara show in 2000, was attributed to "the fans" due to the footage showing up mysteriously and there being no way to track down whoever originally filmed it. But all that changed recently, when the original filmer, a SoCal weezer fan named Mike Takahashi got in touch! Finally we had the chance to give proper credit where credit was due. While we unfortunately cant go back and add his name to the credits on the finished DVDs, we have promised Mike a 'meet n' greet' with the band when they next tour, sent him a pile of weez goodies, and gotten his tale of "what happened that night in Santa Barbara" to share with the world. So, without further ado...

I remember reading or hearing about Goat Punishment and that they were going to be playing a few shows in Southern California. Keep in mind this was a time when a lot of people still didn't know the whole Goat Punishment and Weezer connection (now I suppose everyone and their mother knows who plays under that name). I had asked a girl I knew who went to UCSB to buy the tickets. Apparently, they had been on sale for a few days already. The word still hadn't got around that Weezer was Goat Punishment, so there were plenty left for the masses.

Security at the show was pretty laid back. I remember just walking in with my camera hanging on my shoulder and the bouncer not saying anything. I must have had the craft of a skillfully trained level 10 ninja or the guy was blind, not paid enough, or just didn't care. It was probably one of the latter three. Either way, I was stoked and it turned out for the best.

The club was a surprisingly small venue from what I recall. The standing area couldn't have been any bigger than say 100 feet from front to back? I believe it was actually a bar that held concerts at night. The footage was shot at the back of the venue with the soundboard right behind me.so you can imagine how small the venue was. The whole show was shot trying to balance myself up in a tiny corner between the side of a bar ledge and the front of the soundboard. I was able to keep the shot pretty steady with my right hand, while my left hand did the skillful balance work! But that's why every so often you see some jerks. It's either me getting hit by some kid moshing or trying to keep my butt on the tiny ledge so I could get the camera above the crowd. I also vividly remember thinking that my arm was going fall off at any point due to lost circulation, but sometimes you have to keep it real for the weez! I still remember it being a great show. Little did I know that what I was filming for would someday become part of Weezer history. Just my little camcorder and I recording the ROCK MUSIC.


Mike Takahashi

(This story will be added to the 6/16/00 news story in the super chrono as well)