Karl's Corner - 05/15/2005

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05/15/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 21: Fly home

...well, the first leg of the Make Believe '05 tour is complete and has been an excellent start to what looks to be many many months of touring. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the band on this leg, fighting for their tickets and enduring long line-ups to get in the clubs. And a huge thanks to everyone who came out and picked up "Make Believe", and a thanks-in-advance to those who are planning on picking it up soon! And also a big thanks to all the JONAS street team members who have done their part in spreading the word about the new album. Its all deeply appreciated.

Today everyone flew either to L.A. or to various other points to visit friends and family. The band will next gather for rehearsals (I think) and then the June dates in Europe! But for now, a short break.

...a special note from the guys in Ringside:
"Hey, we just wanted to drop a note here to thank all you Weezer fans that came out, with an open mind, and checked out our show. We know how long you've been waiting to see Weezer live, and the extra half hour we played was still another half hour you had to wait. We loved playing for you. We will not forget your lighters, your clapping hands, your glowing phones, and most importantly, those moments when the lights fell upon you and we could see all of your faces. Thank you!

...there ya have it. more info, etc, tomorrow...