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05/16/05 Once Upon A Time In The West

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...Back in L.A., fighting off the lingering "bus lung" ailment! The dry air is good. Good n' dusty. Hey, June European Tour opening acts announced! It took some time but this info is confirmed at last. These are the opening acts for weezer's June Euro dates:

June 5th - Hamburg - The Subways
June 7th - Dublin - The Subways
June 8th - Paris - opener UNCONFIRMED
June 13th - Birmingham - The Subways
June 14th - London #1 - Tegan And Sara
June 15th - London #2 - Tegan And Sara
June 17th - Glasgow - The Subways

(The rest of the June Euro Tour are multi-band festival dates.)

...To those wondering about a "Make Believe" music songbook - this is not in production yet, at least in the USA. However, there is a Japanese edition that has been approved and is going into production.

...reminder - VOTE for WEEZER! MSN's artist of the month June Poll!

...tomorrow, "Make Believe" will have been out a week and we will know how our first week scored on the charts soon thereafter. We do know that The Dave Matthews Band's new album came out the same day, and that they very likely got the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. But wherefore Weezer? We will know soon! And overseas, we are very curious to know how we did in the UK, Ireland (can anyone confirm a rumor that it debuted at #1 there?), Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand... everywhere! Well, we do know one thing - its #2 on the iTunes top 100 album chart - right behind...you guessed it, Dave Matthews Band.

...meanwhile 'Beverly Hills', the first 'Make Believe' single (but not the last!) has been enjoying a remarkable run, doing better than any previous weezer single. Its currently at #47 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, up from #56 last week, after hitting #13 several weeks ago. Thats one hyper-competitive chart, where all the big boys and girls play, so that aint bad. Its still holding on over on the Top Digital Songs chart as well, at #18 up from #21 last week, with an all time peak of #1. On the Modern Rock Chart, its doing great at #3, up from #4 for its best slot yet. And its still on the iTunes top 10 at #7! Its also #34 on the Irish charts. And lets not forget what "Loveline's" Adam Carrola had to say about BvH after it was used as the musical 'bump'. "Wow. That's a funkified groove. That's a stone gas!"

...Speaking of singles, while its not one yet, "We Are All On Drugs" is showing signs of life already. It was played on SLC's X96's "Todd's Ipod" new music show, and its being heard with some regularity on the airwaves in 'gotta have it first' L.A...

...Rivers was named #43 on Elle Girl's 50 Hottest Guys list. "He's the enigmatic singer of Weezer. Even though he looks cute and harmless, we suspect there's a lot of weird stuff going on in that little genius head of his...which is -oddly enough- hot. Most of all, we're happy Weezer put out a new albbum,,, Make Believe."

...A French review (in French) of Make Believe can be read here.

...heres a weird chart that tracks media player playlists, and ranks both single and non-singles by the amount theyve been played. Weezer's been flirting with their upper ranks for a while now.

...Seen in the 5/05 Brazillian edition of Playboy, a mention of the "Beverly Hills" video shoot, done at the Playboy Mansion. The video is still chugging along, getting played on Mtv, Mtv2, Vh1 and Fuse. Looks like the video's flirtation with TRL isnt exactly blowing up (big suprise), but hey, vote for it anyway if youre feeling good.

...just in time for the current weez tour break: "Say it aint so: Another Weezer Tribute" is having their own mini tour:
5/16 the bottleneck, Lawrence KA
5/17 gearbox in lil nikkis, St Louis Mo.
5/18 the reverb, Cedar Falls, IA
5/19 club khameleon, Kent Oh
5/20 Minglewood, Rockford IL
5/21 rox bar, St Cloud Mn
5/26 mario kellers, Minneapolis, Mn

...and here's yet another weezer tribute band: say hello to Rupert Peasley.