Karl's Corner - 05/22/2005

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05/22/05 Aye Naujawan Hai Sab Kuchh Yahan

..REMINDER: check it out! Weezer is going to be doing an MSN Live Chat TOMORROW - Monday, 5/23 at 4pm (PST)!

...reminder #2 - VOTE for WEEZER! MSN's artist of the month June Poll!

...even more international Make Believe chart debuts:

UK: correction: debuted at #9, not #11. Highest debut from weezer ever there!
Finland: debuts at #13, second highest debut of the week!
Japan: debuts at #4 on their domestic chart, #1 on their International chart!
France: debuts at #45.
Switzerland: debuted at #58.
Indonesia: I'll leave this up to out Jakartan correspondant, Hasief: "It's a bit hard to describe the chart system in Indonesia - in fact, I'd say practically non-existant pretty much sums it up....However, at Aquarius, one of Jakarta, Indonesia's main music stores,and one of the only stores that actually bothers to set up some sort of weekly chart, Make Believe has entered at No. 16 on both the CD and cassette charts - making it last week's highest debut for an album from a foreign act. Apart from that, it was also the second highest-placed foreign album on both charts, only losing out to Rob Thomas on cassette and Kenny G (!) on CD....It should be noted that local acts dominate overall sales, naturally, and that the Kenny G album includes a duet by one of Indonesia's top pop singers which undoubtably gave it a boost. Rob Thomas' success shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering his worldwide marketing campaign's been going in overdrive. So all in all, it's a pretty nifty thing for Make Believe to chart as high as it did, under the circumstances..."

...'Beverly Hills' has been out in the public eye for nearly 2 months, and instead of flaggin', it looks like its been gaining newfound strength on the radio. Its holding steady near the top of the Modern Rock heap, while gaining (regaining?) ground in the pop radio world.
Modern Rock Tracks: Holds steady at #3!
Hot 100: up to #21 from #47, 'greatest gainer sales' (from paid download sales)
Pop 100: up to #27 from #44
Hot Digital Tracks: up to #6 from #14

...these charts are reflecting real activity on 'the street', including reports like "Beverly Hills is #1 on the Top 9 at 9 on our local alternative station 99.9 the Buzz, in Vermont"; "Beverly Hills played on 105.7 the X (a York, PA station) during their "Out of Order"
countdown, and it was #1. This station plays a lot of harder stuff like Metallica and Ozzy, but I think they've been getting better lately."; and "[Beverly Hills] reached number one on the Ontario, Canada top 100 of the month according to K106.3 fm".

Meanwhile, other Make Believe songs have been getting some exposure as well. On L.A.'s influential Indie 103, "We Are All On Drugs" has been getting some prime time daytime play. And the "harder rocking alt/rock station" 101X in Austin has been playing "Perfect Situation" in their "Other Tracks" show, where they play songs that aren't yet singles.

...and finally, Dave Grohl says something interesting here.