Karl's Corner - 05/29/2008

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05/29/08 Webisode 2 on Imeem; USA Today; more

05/29/08 Webisode 2 on Imeem; USA Today; more

Red Album in Just 5 Days, folks!! (Deluxe edition too!)

Weezer Webisode #2 is currently featured on the Imeem Homepage, check it out! (Direct link here for later on.) Remember, Thursdays are Weezer Webisode premiere days at Imeem!

The Pork And Beans video has continued its journey to the center of the web, flying past 4 million views and still spreading! Todays USA Today (print and web editions) had a nice article about it in their "Life" section.

...You might have noticed the Weezer Jonas Street Team banner being updated, and yes its true, JONAS is in the process of relaunching now. All kinds of cool stuff is coming soon, fresh for '08! Sign up if you want to be a part of it and help promote the Red Album! When everything is up and running there will be a more detailed annoucement.

Pork And Beans (physical) single info confirmed to date:


7" (free with indie retailer album preorder)
b side: ‘Are Friends Electric?’ (Tubeway Army)


‘Pork and Beans’
‘Are Friends Electric?’ (Gary Numan Tubeway Army cover)

7” vinyl #1
‘Pork and Beans’
‘Love My Way’ (Psychedelic Furs cover)

7” vinyl #2
‘Pork and Beans’
‘Oddfellows Local 151’ (REM cover)