Karl's Corner - 06/07/2008

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06/05/08 This Is NPR's Weekend Edition. Im Robert Smeagol

06/05/08 This Is NPR's Weekend Edition. Im Robert Smeagol

People, I know your usual radio tuning in might be more towards the rock side of things, but you need to get on thr National Public Radio train NOW, because this weekend NPR will be running a great new interview with Rivers! That means today!!!

This piece will be used on Weekend Edition which airs on 300+ NPR stations around the USA. It will also be on their website (at some point) as a pod cast on the “All Songs Considered” part of the site. (Will post direct link when we have it).

Recent good things:

...We now have updated (final) release dates for the UK:
Red Album: all physical and digital (standard and deluxe versions) will come out on June 16th.
The commercial single “Pork & Beans” release date remains June 23rd.

...And in the USA...
There will be a 180 gram Red Album deluxe edition vinyl LP! We dont have a release date yet though, possibly not till later in the summer. It takes a while to contruct these things. Dont have the details yet, but we do know it will be a 2 disc set with high quality packaging etc.

...weezer slideshow feature at slide.com - create a weezer themed slideshow!

...Check out Weezer Webisode #3, up now on Imeem.com!

Tay Zonday interviews Weezer!

...Todays photo is the flyer from the Japanese fan event "Weezer night", coming up on July 12th! Its their 4th annual Weezer Night, so if you are in Japan, seek this out! Its at a "Rock Bar" called 'Rolling Stone'.